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Total Wealth Enhancement group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTK Financial Group II, Inc was established in 2005. After 12 years of providing Money Management and other financial services, MTK Financial Group, Inc established this New Entity to deal directly with the growing need and demand for competent Financial Advisors who strive to deliver Experienced and Knowledgable Retirement Distribution and Estate Planning Strategies. Over the last ten years, we have all witnessed a tremendous shift in the burden of insuring a comfortable retirement, from Government and Big Corporations into the hands of the American Worker. Gone are the days of lofty Pensions and lucrative severance packages that were common practice just a few decades ago. To make matters worse, without some serious attempts at real reform, the Social Security Trust Fund in this country is estimated to be completely exhausted by the year 2046*. As a result, it is not enough to just increase your savings for retirement. At least equally important, is the need to attain an adequate level of growth to your Assets both before and during your retirement years. And Finally, increasing your distributions through effective Tax and Estate planning is the pinnacle, and thus essential to the wealth preservation and distribution phase. This need for growth and efficient distribution planning, coupled with our ever increasing income needs, the spiraling Costs for Medical Care and the various Income and Estate Tax hurdles we face, present challenges that advisors are prepared to address.

The Total Wealth Enhancement Group, LLC was created to focus on exactly these types of situations. Michael T. Kuczinski, President of Total Wealth Enhancement, with his 28 years of financial service experience, received training in Ed Slott CPA's Masters Elite IRA Adviser program and was a chartered member. (See www.irahelp.com ).  Don't Leave your Retirement to chance. Allow Mr Kuczinski and his entire Experienced and talented Team of affiliates at the Total Wealth Enhancement Group, the opportunity to help you preserve and enhance what has probably taken a lifetime to accumulate.     



* Estimates are based on projections conducted by the Federal Congressional Budget Office (OBM) in their (June- 2006) Long Term Social Security Projections Analysis. http://www.cbo.gov

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